We are Passionate About IT Training

Helping like minded technology focused individuals is what we’re passionate about. It’s sometimes difficult learning new technologies either because you don’t have the time or because you don’t know the right people. That’s why taking a training course is such a good investment, not only for businesses, but for individuals.

Instructor Led Training

Our passion is to offer classroom based instructor led training, because we believe that this offers a great advantage over online courses. It’s dedicated time for you to focus on something and really soak up the knowledge, ask the questions and get the feedback.

Along with classroom based instructor led training, another area we feel strongly about is hands-on lab sessions. Rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty is a great way to learn, make mistakes, troubleshoot and fix.




Dan Bateman – LinkedIn Profile

Having worked in the IT industry now for 20+ years, I’ve been lucky enough to work for some great companies and with some great people. It’s not all been easy and I’ve had to learn a lot of stuff on the go. This way of learning sometimes lacks structure and direction, often because you are trying to solve a particular problem quickly. When I have had training, such as that provided by Red Hat, its been valuable and insightful at the same time.

I started out working on Unix systems back in the 90’s, which I actually favoured over Microsoft. I stuck with Unix and was an early user of Red Hat 7 and 8, before Enterprise Linux. I obtained my first RHCE in 2006, while working for Specsavers and since then I’ve continued to be a big proponent of the Red Hat suite. I worked quite hard on my Red Hat certifications during the late 00’s, achieving the Red Hat Certified Data Center Specialist. I was aiming for my Red Hat Certified Architect, but training at the company I was working for dried up. That hasn’t stopped me learning and continuing to get on board with new open source products.

Working on Unix and Linux has allowed me to move around into several different positions within the software life-cycle. I’ve been a build engineer, configuration engineer, data center administrator, sys admin, integration engineer, testing analyst, operations analyst and even production support engineer, among others. Now though, I’m firmly working in the automation tool set area. Working on Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, Packer, Terraform, Git and employing software development practices to deliver infrastructure as code and automated application deployments.

In the past, training for me has been a great tool, a great addition to my skills.  Part of the reason for running these training courses was the lack of courses on the south coast, the lack of classroom based, specialist courses. Hopefully, that’s something I can offer.

Our Courses

Through our courses we hope to provide you with the tools and know-how to apply what you’ve learnt as soon as you’re back in the workplace. They’ve been written off the back of 20+ years of IT experience so that what you learn will be a benefit, rather than just empty, pointless information.

Where possible, the courses have been designed to help you pass industry standard exams, such as those provided by Red Hat, but not exclusively. We want you to use the knowledge, not just remember it for a test.

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